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Quran Pen

Quran pen is a device for learning & listening Quran. Now a day’s everything is digitize. Technology has a boom in advancement, everything is going digital. So, there is a need for digital Quran in the market. Every Muslim can read, listen or learn Quran by this advance device.

Quran pen is a remarkable device with amazing technology which helps us to understand, learn or recite Quran very easy. Everyone can now learn & understand Quran with the ease of this technology. This is the best way to teach your children Quran with multi of interest. Children will eager to learn Quran through this wonderful device. It is also helpful for non-Muslims to understand Quran by Quran pen wonderful functions.

Quran pen has a simple way of use, only point the pen on desired word or ayah; it read it with famous Qari voice. It has almost all famous languages like Arbi, Urdu, English, Bengali, French etc. You can learn or listened word by word translation or Ayah by Ayah through Quran pen.

Quran pen also include Qaida Noorania for children, Sahih Al-Bukhari, Mushaf Uthmani, Hisnul Muslim for every Muslim to know & understand Hadith. This is the best way to learn hadith along with Quran.

We offer 4 different types of quran pen in different features are given below: