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Mithas [Artificial Sweetener]
By: Al Taiba International


 Mithas is basically an artificial sweetener and its main ingredient is Sucralose which is diluted by Maltodextrin to make its taste the best. Mithas is an artificial sugar and is calorie free, by using Mithas there is no increase in carbohydrates in the body

 Sucralose which is an important ingredient of Mithas is approved by a famous American organization Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

 Mithas has also been approved for use in foods, beverages and bakery items in more than 80 countries including Canada, Australia and Mexico.

 How Mithas is produced?

 Mithas is produced from sugar through a multi-step manufacturing process with the help of chlorine. The structure of the sugar molecule is changed with the help of chlorine; due to change in the molecule it improves its performance and adds no calories in body. Chlorine which changes the structure of sugar molecule is naturally present in many foods and beverages items that we eat and drink every day. For example, lettuce, mushrooms, table salt, etc. Each contains small amount of chlorine.


 Yes! Mithas is absolutely safe for daily use and its usage does not cause any harmful effects on our health. Mithas is more safe and tasty than all types of artificial sugars available in market. Mithas is approved from Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


 Mithas can be used by all healthy people, children, young, old, pregnant women, nursing mothers and all types of patients.


 Yes! The patients of diabetes can use Mithas. It has been observed that the use of Mithas does not raise blood glucose or insulin levels. Studies have confirmed that Mithas has no effect on short or long term blood glucose control for individuals with normal blood glucose levels or for those persons who are patients of type 1 or type 2 diabetes.


 Mithas offers several benefits including the following:

 Mithas can be used to improve taste and sweeten the tasteless foods and beverages.

 Mithas has no calorie and best for diabetes patients and diet plans.

 By using Mithas the sweet less foods becomes tasty and sweet but it does not increase in calories.Ø Those persons who are overweight and can't resist themselves by using sugar made items can use Mithas for making their foods, beverages and bakery items sweeter and by using products prepared with Mithas they can control their weights. Ø

 Mithas is not harmful for teeth.

 Mithas can be used easily with food ingredients such as flavors and preservatives. 

 Mithas can be used in ordinary foods, cooking and baking, as well as in food processing that requires high temperatures such as canning. 

 Mithas is not affected by the high temperatures during the process of cooking and never lose its efficiency.

 Mithas can easily be used in high and low temperatures such as milk, yogurt, drinks, tea, coffee and all bakery items.

 The artificial sugar is famous for diabetes patients and its only use is to make a tea. But we can use Mithas like kitchen items, salt, chili, sugar and spices; we can use it as our kitchen item instead of sugar.

 Mithas is easily soluble in everything whether it is hot or cold. 

 Mithas is also safer and tastier than all types of artificial sweeteners available in market.

Mithas is economical than other artificial sweeteners available in the market.

 The measuring spoon (250mg) available in jar of Mithas is equivalent to one normal teaspoon of sugar.

 You can increase or decrease the quantity of Mithas according to your taste and need.