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About Honey:

Quran mentions honey as a medicine for mankind.

Honey  is made by Bees using nectar from flowers, It's a sweet food.Beekeepers collect honey and consumed by people.It also produced by stingless bees, bumble bees.Bees convert nectar into honey by way of evaporation and negurgitation.Bee store's honey as a primary food source in wax honey combs,inside the beehive.

Honey gets sweetness from glucose and has a same sweetness as granulated sugar.it's a natural sugar which save from fermentation, to modifiy and transform their chemical composition.

Health Affects By Honey:

In past it has been used both Topically and orally to cure several aliments like gastric disturbance, wounds and ulcers.

About Our Honey: 

Our honey is a forestry product. it's available in different quantities which are 250 grams, 500 grams , 1 kg and also can be provided more quantity on demand.

Honey Types:

  1. Phalai
  2. Berry

Different Honey Flavoures by Altaiba International:

  1. Honey + Dalchini
  2. Honey + Salajeet
  3. Honey + Kalvanji
  4. Honey + Tumeric
  5. Honey + Lemon
  6. Honey + Mlathi
  7. Qalbi