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Attar Perfumes

The Word Attar, Ittar, Othr , is an Arabic word means scent, it is believed that these words derived from Persian language word "Atr" which means Fragrance. 

Ittar,Attar means a natural perfume, oil extract from a botanical sources.Normally these oils extracts from the botanical material through steam or hydro seperation of ittar.The oils get from herbs of flowers and wood which is generally disttled into a  wood base like sandalwood and then aged.The aging period can be from one to ten years depending upon the output.

Each and every attar is 100% pure, alcohol-free , and mostly muslims are fond of to use attar.

Attar's smell long last because it is natural.

The main difference between Artificial Perfumes and Attar is that the oil based attar is used directly on the body that is inside of the wrist, under elbow joints and also behind the ears are directly dabbed with the attar.